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The work of raising children requires all stakeholders involvement, as the saying goes...

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Family Strengthening Program

SOS Children's Villages' family strengthening programmes help families stay together, thus preventing child abandonment and negligence. Families who find themselves in situations of crisis or extreme hardship may have difficulty coping and caring adequately for their children.

Therefore, our family strengthening programme specifically targets the needs of each community and family. In many cases, the programme offers nutritional and health care support for children and nursing mothers; children’s school fees, uniforms and materials; support to parents in establishing a steady income and stable home; training in parent­ing skills and household management; learning about children’s rights; and family counselling.

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SOS Children's Villages Botswana
Aims at providing a balance in the lives of orphans
& vulnerable children by providing them with
individual support to guide them into adulthood.

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