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Q: What does SOS stand for?

SOS stands for SOCIETAS SOCIALIS (Social Society) and not SAVE OUR SOULS. Over the 3 decades SOS Children's Villages Botswana has created a loving home for orphaned and vulnerable children who have grown to become responsible men and women in society.

Q: Which children are eligible for admission at SOS Children's Villages?

Only those children who are in need of a new home in a permanent family environment and for whom a more suitable care placement cannot be found are considered for admission into an SOS family. Generally speaking, children up to the age of ten can be admitted. When a group of siblings is admitted, group members' ages may, however, vary.

Q: How many children does SOS Children's Villages Botswana care for?

1617 Children and youths: Francistown-731, Tlokweng-794, Serowe- 92.

Q: Who decides whether children are admitted in SOS Children's Villages or not?

The children are identified by the government social workers. They make their assessment and if they find out that the children are in need of care, they apply to the children's court for the child to be moved to a place of safety according to the children's act. The decision whether to admit a child is made by a committee consisting of the village director, an SOS mother, social workers, and sometimes the national director, in co-operation with the government authorities. This committee decides whether a child is physically and mentally fit to be admitted to one of our villages and whether the child is in need of an alternative care. Should there be any of the child's siblings in need of care, these children would also be admitted to the village.

Q: Is SOS Children's Villages a school?

As the name suggests, we are a home with family house led by SOS mothers with aunts and caring for a number of up to 8 children per house. These families are completely autonomous; with their own family culture and routines. The children attend public school.

Q: Who founded SOS Children's Villages?

Hermann Gmeiner, a native Austrian, founded the first SOS Children's Villages association in Austria in 1949, following the Second World War. His aim was to provide orphaned and abandoned children with a loving family, home and community in which to grow. The first SOS Children's Village was built in Imst in the Austrian province of Tyrol the same year. The very first house in the village was named 'House of Peace'.

Q: When do children leave the care of SOS Children's Villages Botswana?

There is no specific age at which children have to leave the SOS Children's Village. Usually, they stay in the care of SOS Children's Villages until they are capable of looking after themselves; until they have completed their education or vocational training and can make a living on their own.

Q: How do I make a donation to SOS Children's Villages Botswana?

You can donate on this website using your visa or master card through the donate menu or contact us for more information. Any amount you are able to give is welcome.

Q: Can I leave money to SOS Children's Villages in my will?

SOS Children's Villages Botswana thankfully welcomes this generous legacy gesture. Contact us and we will assist you to set up the arrangement. 

Q: What costs are covered by sponsorship contributions?

Sponsorships cover the costs of food, clothing, schooling, the running costs of the villages and,  encompassing family strengthening efforts, and more.

Q: How does SOS Children's Villages account for funds donated?

We account through our annual financial statement which reflects audited financial report for each year. Our reports are freely accessible to the public.

Q: What can I donate besides money?

SOS Children's Villages accepts any kind of donation which can be useful in meeting the needs of the children and the organisation at large. This includes clothes, educational material, food, furniture, land, house, even your skill by volunteering.

Q: What is a corporate partnership?

A corporate partnership offers companies the opportunity to improve the lives of children, promote awareness of their corporate social responsibility, boost team spirit among staff and invest in projects of their choice. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, please contact us.

Q: How are the children and youths being supported in their personal development?

Each child or youth cared for by SOS Children's Villages Botswana receives the education or training best suited to her/his personal abilities and orientated towards the job market of Botswana. This may incorporate vocational training, home economics, agricultural training or any other sort of additional training and education. Academically gifted youth are eligible for university studies.

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