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The work of raising children requires all stakeholders involvement, as the saying goes...

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A Loving Home For Every Child


When tragedy befalls all of us, we despair and sometimes succumb to pressure.  For me and my three siblings it was never to be as we turned our pain and tragedy into a real life success. It was in 1998 that we were admitted to SOS Children’s Village in Tlokweng.  I was doing form one then. At first it was not easy seeing so many children and adults that we were not related to.  But before long we were relaxed and got along with everyone in the village, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere at the village.

I was given an opportunity to grow and realise my potential as a person.  The educational support, health care, parental love and guidance I received from everyone has made me what I am today.  I am now a Dental Surgeon at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital in Serowe and now contributing immensely towards health care and development of our country. I would like to thank all of you for your support and in particular Dr Nomsa Mbere who allowed me to do job shadowing at her surgery and ultimately influencing the choice of my career.

To all of you, friends, supporters, sponsors, donors and parents, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the bridge that carried me over troubled waters and for making an everlasting difference in changing our lives.  Please keep supporting SOS Children’s Village as you will be investing in future leaders of this beloved country. 

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SOS Children's Villages Botswana
Aims at providing a balance in the lives of orphans
& vulnerable children by providing them with
individual support to guide them into adulthood.

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