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A Loving Home For Every Child


Meet Sylvester who came to SOS Children’s Villages Tlokweng when he was than a year old after he lost his family.

‘Only at around 6 years old did I get to realise that Mama Tebogo is not my biological mother. I grew up in an environment where I got to experience first-hand what genuine love is.

As I grew up, I got to know of the reason why I was at SOS Children’s Village and it was not easy dealing with the truth. I am thankful for mother Tebogo who loved me like I was her very own child, together with my sibling. She nurtured and groomed us into what we are today. She was our teacher, our nurse and our everything. With 13 children in the house (7 boys and 6 girls) there’s bound to be some disagreements and quarrels but our mother taught us to accept each other and our differences and live as one and to look out for each other as brothers and sisters.

I loved every part about living at SOS I was amazed at the diverse cultures and languages of the people who visited here and I got to learn and understand most of them which was great. SOS Children’s Village gave me a lot of opportunities of which I will forever be grateful for. I got a chance to learn the art of playing marimba and I excelled at it and it was one of my favorite things to do when I was growing up, my most fondest memories would have to be when I was with my team behind the marimbas playing and getting a standing ovation at the end of our set.

After my formal education of which I only did up to form 3 at Matlala junior secondary school,I formed Marimba playing group and we played at different events. Currently I am into Events management and Stage management. I have worked with the Diacore marathon team, BW color run, Slip and slide summer streets and Maitisong just to mention a few. 

Without SOS I don’t think I would be the focused  person I am today, the people that were around at SOS and all the sponsors helped me realize my potential and l wasn’t afraid to dream big because I knew I had people that would support and encourage me and help me achieve. Although I don’t live at SOS anymore I often come back home to check on my mother and help out where help in needed.

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