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The work of raising children requires all stakeholders involvement, as the saying goes...

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How to Sponsor

Sponsorships are support specific to a child, a family, a Village or a project.

  • A child sponsor gives regular monetary support to SOS Children’s Villages towards the upkeep of a specific child. Although the funds are not only used on that child, the sponsor is assured that their sponsored child is well taken care of. Updates are given to the sponsor regarding their sponsored child and once all child protection precautions are taken and a relationship is established, the child sponsor can have access to the child by visiting the child at her SOS family.
  • House sponsorships are usually taken by companies and the regular contributions are towards the upkeep of children in the specific house. The funds are used to buy food, toiletries, clothing and pay for utilities. Regular updates about children in that specific house are given to the house sponsor. Sponsorship could also be towards a specific project, e.g school stationery, tennis coaching, or renovations.

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SOS Children's Villages Botswana
Aims at providing a balance in the lives of orphans
& vulnerable children by providing them with
individual support to guide them into adulthood.

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