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The work of raising children requires all stakeholders involvement, as the saying goes...

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A Loving Home For Every Child

Family Based Care

Every child needs a loving family. SOS families provide stable, secure and loving care in a family setting for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with their biological family.

We believe children should grow up with their families. The UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, to which SOS Children’s Villages made key contributions, also stress this.

Yet sometimes, despite every effort to care for their children, families break down and it is in the child's best interest to be placed in alternative care. At SOS Children's Villages, we believe family-based care is the best option.

With the help of sponsors, donors and community partners, SOS Children's Villages builds SOS families for children who have lost parental care. In a family home, children grow up with an SOS mother and sisters and brothers. SOS aunts support SOS mothers in caring for their children. In turn, SOS families are part of supportive communities made up of several SOS families. These communities are called SOS Children's Villages and they operate in Tlokweng, Serowe and Francistown respectively.

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SOS Children's Villages Botswana
Aims at providing a balance in the lives of orphans
& vulnerable children by providing them with
individual support to guide them into adulthood.

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